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Ma.K. zbv3000 マシーネンクリーガー

Ma.K. zbv3000 マシーネンクリーガー
The story is set eight hundred and eighty years in the future. Events primarily take place between the years 2882 and 2886. A nuclear World War in 2807 destroys most of the Earth's population and renders the planet uninhabitable. About 50 years after the destruction, the Galactic Federation (details unknown) sent an investigative team to determine the condition of the planet. They discover the planet has restored itself to a natural paradise and begin the process of sending colonists to populate Earth. The colonists prospered on the reborn Earth. Cities and towns are eventually reformed but this growth attracts the attention of criminals, AWOL soldiers, political criminals, mercenaries, terrorists, and other people who had decided to leave civilized society began to make their way back to Earth as a suitable place for refuge.

(C) Kow Yokoyama
Ma.K. zbv3000 マシーネンクリーガー のTシャツデザイン

強制射出される瞬間を描いた横山氏のイラストを大胆に使用。 パイロットの緊迫感が伝わってくるリアルなイラストは横山氏ならではの作風。貴重なコレクションアイテムです。 この商品は一枚販売される毎に日本赤十字社を通じて最低1,000円を寄付させていただきます。